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ECKOWOOD Hardwood Floors Inc. is a well managed, family-owned Canadian business that is leading the industry in quality advancement and new product development.


Eckowood Hardwood Floors specializes in hand distressed and smooth engineered flooring. This unique blend of cutting edge styles and state of the art manufacturing allows Eckowood to bring its proven track record of the highest quality in a stylish new looks to consumers nationwide as well as worldwide. Highly sought after by architects, designers and home builders worldwide, and rapidly gaining popularity among our customers in Canada and Europe, the Eckowood collection prevails for those who choose to live with elegance and style.


Eckowood is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of this hardwood collection. We stand by our products and are committed to making consistent efforts to offer our customers affordable and competitive prices. We guarantee the quality of our products and constantly strive for unparalleled customer service at all times.


Our products are receiving more and more popularity among our customers in Canada and Europe.

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Vadim Oskolkov -

590 Seabourne Pl.
Port Coquitlam, AK