How Can Flooring Manufacturers Minimize the Impact of the Coronavirus?




To be honest, we didn’t think we’d be discussing a global virus outbreak here on the Vogueboard blog. But by now, we’re seeing the effects of COVID-19 and the steps we’re all taking to stop the spread of the virus. Everyone is involved, from our customers, to our staff, and our communities.


We don’t know how long this will last, but one thing is certain: it’s changing the way we’re doing business in the flooring industry for now. You and your staff are probably working from home, as are we here at Vogueboard. And you can bet that your customers are in a similar situation.


The number one question right now is, how can you continue to provide value to your customers and maintain a productive work environment, while still practicing safe social distancing?


Even in our industry, there’s still plenty that flooring suppliers and buyers can do to help minimize the impact of the coronavirus on your customers and staff. The easiest thing to do is use online tools that allow everyone to maintain a safe distance while working and shopping remotely. Here are the tools we offer to help you out.


Help Your Employees With Their Work


Providing a safe work environment for your employees is essential. These online tools will help them do their job whether they’re in the office or working remotely from home.


B2B sales automation tool. It’s easier for your employees to work at home when they have the right technology. Any employee that handles customer requests for quotes and orders can continue to do so remotely with our complete B2B sales automation tool designed for the flooring industry. Our cloud-based system works anywhere you have an internet connection. With it, employees can access everything they need for B2B eCommerce transactions, whether they’re working from home or in the office.


CRM. Our integrated customer relationship management tool makes it easy for you to stay in touch with your customers during this uncertain time. With the bulk email feature, you can send email blasts to your contact lists to keep them informed about what’s going on in your business. Use the CRM to log and track all conversations and orders, and the data is available instantly to your entire team when they need it.


Help Flooring Customers


We may not be meeting in person and shaking hands, but that doesn’t mean sales have to stop. With the internet, we can handle business online. Many of your customers prefer shopping and ordering online right now, since they’re also at home working remotely or taking care of family.


Partner with an online dealer. Selling your flooring through an online dealer is a great way to expand into new territories or reach new customers without disrupting existing sales channels. The Vogueboard online marketplace is completely web based, so there’s no person-to-person contact in the transaction. We’re the online dealer, so we’ll buy flooring products and resell them online. We’ll also handle the details like payment processing, shipping, and customer support. Contact us at Vogueboard for more information on how we can help you.


Digital product library. Once your flooring products are displayed on the Vogueboard online marketplace, they’ll be visible to architects and designers who can include them in their own digital product library and order free samples. By receiving access to your products, architects and designers can recommend them to their clients. Clients can browse the product library online at any time of the day or night.


Online catalog management. Printed catalogs were once common in the industry, allowing customers to shop at their convenience in their office or home. But they cost a lot to produce and mail, and were out of date from the moment the ink dried. Now you can offer the convenience of catalogs without the hassle and expense. Our B2B sales automation tool lets you easily create and send flooring catalogs digitally with no printing costs. By connecting with the customer on our platform, you make your product catalogs available to your buyer without sending an email. Since the entire process is digital, any changes you make to product descriptions, stock on hand, or prices will automatically update in the customer’s catalog. It’s great for your partners, also. Resellers can quickly convert vendor catalogs to their own and send custom (or Private Label) catalogs tailored to their customers.


Samples order management. Flooring is a physical product that customers want to see and touch it before investing. The Vogueboard platform makes it easy for you to manage and send samples directly to customers and help them with their buying decisions.


During this time, we’re all taking extra precautions in the workplace to prevent the spread of COVID-19. These tools are available to help protect your customers and your employees. Use them to keep your business running and healthy, and to grow your online sales channels. And please contact us today if there’s anything we at Vogueboard can do to help you out in your business.


Stay safe and healthy!