How Flooring Distributors Can Increase Efficiency of Their Sales Teams




You have a good sales team. They are doing their best. But you know – and they know – they’re spending too much time on paperwork and not enough time with customers. According to Hubspot research, sales people spend as little as one third of their time on selling. The other two thirds of their time is spent on writing emails (21%), entering data (17%), scheduling calls (12%), and internal meetings (12%).


Your staff has to manually check different software programs and fill out multiple forms, which leads to mistakes. They check their paper notes for details on the customer, and call up Accounting for information about their previous orders. And the software they’re using isn’t set up for teams, so it’s hard to see what others are doing and track results.


Yes, your sales team is doing their best with what they’ve got – but what could they do if they had better tools to work with?


The Tool Your Sales Team Needs: B2B Sales Automation


There’s never been a better time to upgrade your sales process with B2B sales automation for the flooring industry. In this traditionally paper-oriented industry, you stand to make great gains from implementing modern sales automation software.


You may be concerned about the opportunity cost of new technology in the workplace. How long will it take to get it up and running, plus how long will it take to learn to use it? Fortunately, modern software is no longer difficult to install and learn.


Most sales automation applications today that are designed for the flooring industry are cloud based. Because the system is entirely online, there’s no time needed to install any software or upgrade any hardware. They are usually simple to implement and customize. And most providers will train your staff as part of the package, which shortens the learning curve. Then, once your sales staff is trained and using the application, you’ll see significant time savings and improved ordering and customer service.


What are the Benefits of Sales Automation?


360° view of sales activity: When you start using an integrated CRM and eCommerce platform for your business, you’ll get a 360° view of your sales activity. This allows you to access the history and current activity of your prospects and clients from within one system. You can view past orders without having to look them up with accounting and see all transactions and communication. Because you can set up these systems for a team, anyone who helps that customer can view all the information, not just the last salesperson they talked to.


Customers like it: An online, integrated system is also easier for your customers. They can generate their own purchase orders through the system, and then internal company documents like shipping orders, can be created based on the purchase order. Recent studies show that over half of all retail shoppers preferred to make their purchases in an online marketplace, instead of dealing directly with salespeople and brick and mortar stores. By offering this option to your customers, you’re meeting their needs.


Partners like it: Don’t forget about the retailers you partner with. Many retailers prefer to work with distributors that are using sales automation. Providing this service will help ensure strong working relationships with your partners.


Better communication and processes: B2B sales automation improves communication with your team, your customers, and your partners. An integrated CRM lets you send emails from within the platform, view all previous email communication with customers, and view any notes made by your sales team. An integrated system also helps you have a well-defined sales process. Every step is clearly laid out and it’s all available in one online system, so there’s little chance of missing vital steps.


Better tracking: With a paper-based or stand-alone sales system, it’s harder to see your team’s results, making it harder to set and meet sales goals. But that changes with an integrated platform set up for the entire team. Your team will be able to see everyone’s results, making it easier to set goals and meet them. And with additional transparency, your team will be incentivized to work more efficiently.


Your All-In-One B2B Sales Automation Solution


Vogueboard’s B2B sales automation software is completely integrated with a CRM and online marketplace, and is designed for the flooring market. Our cloud-based platform lets you manage products, create and send up-to-date electronic product catalogs, create and send purchase orders, shipping notices, and invoices. The integrated CRM also lets you send emails, manage prospect conversations, and keep a detailed record of customer history. Your entire sales team can access contacts, emails, calls, quotes, orders, invoices and deliveries.


This Software as a Service (SaaS) platform has free access and no up-front fees. You only pay a transaction fee when you make sales through the software. You can set up your account and be up and running is as little as an hour, and we’ll train your sales staff for free so you can get the most out of the system.


Are you ready to learn more about how B2B sales automation can make your sales team more efficient? Book your live demo here, or click here to set up your Vogueboard account today for free. For a limited time, we’re offering a free CRM for flooring distributors with a 360° view on each account, so don’t delay.