How Flooring Distributors Can Increase Sales Through an Online Dealer



As technology evolves and the world around us changes, the way we do business is steadily transforming. And businesses that stay flexible and adapt to these changes can thrive in their new environment.


For instance, the flooring industry has changed a lot over the last couple of decades. Instead of just the traditional distribution channel of flooring distributors buying products from manufacturers and selling them to retailers, today there are more distribution channels available.


Consumer are also changing. tastes are also constantly changing. Consumers want different products than they did a few years ago. They’re also less brand-conscious and less concerned with manufacturer brand names. However, they still want high-quality flooring at a good price. Distributors need to stay on top of trends in the flooring industry, and be able to change product lines and sources to meet customer demands.


The good news about all this change? It opens up new opportunities for distributors.



The Increasing Role of Technology in the Flooring Industry


Of course, retail partners and their stores remain an important part of the mix. A certain percentage of consumers will always want to be able to see and touch the product in a brick-and-mortar store. And even among younger generations, shopping in a physical store is still a vital part of the overall shopping experience.


But even with all of this, your buyers are online and expect you to be there, too. Most buyers, whether B2B or B2C, want to do at least part of their shopping online. That might mean researching products, studying product details and warranties, comparing prices, and even placing orders. You’ll reach far more potential customers with an online presence, even if the buyer ends up going to a brick-and-mortar store to make their final purchase.



Your New Partner: The Online Dealer


Though it makes sense to diversify online, distributors face a dilemma. You want to expand your online sales channels, but you don’t want to disrupt your current channels. One simple way to avoid any conflict is to bring in a third party and partner with an online dealer.


An online dealer, like Vogueboard, can purchase products from a distributor and resells them on their online marketplace. They can sell to contractors, home owners, and anyone else looking to purchase commercial-grade flooring.


When you partner with Vogueboard as your online dealer, the centralized online marketplace offers your customers these benefits.

1. A wide range of buyers can now browse your flooring products, from commercial B2B buyers to individual consumers

2. Your products are online and available whenever the customer wants to shop

3. It’s easy to compare products side by side

4. It’s easy to order samples


As a distributor, you’ll also see these benefits.

1. Lower your costs and reduce overhead with less marketing and storage expenses

2. Sell your products in new locations and larger territories, while the dealer handles warehousing

3. Spend less time working with the actual product, so you’ll have more time available for selling, marketing and serving clients

4. Increase sales because the online dealer represents many different sources and has a wide variety of products, attracting lots of buyers

5. Compete online with the industry leaders



A Professional eCommerce Site for Flooring Distributors


As you can see, a web presence is essential to doing business today. All-in-one online giants like Amazon and Walmart have changed the marketplace with their comprehensive websites. In addition, the competition from big industry leaders and big box stores remains steady.


However, at this point, you may be wondering how you can get a website that has the same functions as the industry leaders, when you don’t have their budget. Is there any way to get online without hiring a web developer or having to figure out website building yourself?



We’re Ready to Help You to Start Today


Our entire online platform is in place and ready to go. This includes the network of architects and designers registered at our online marketplace, who use the marketplace to search for flooring materials to recommend to their customers. Also within the marketplace you’ll find contractors, property managers and consumers who are ready to buy commercial-grade flooring without the hassle of setting up a wholesale account.


In addition to Vogueboard’s services as an online dealer and the online marketplace, you can streamline your business using our online B2B sales automation for the flooring industry. It allows you to automate your quotes and orders using an online interface that reduces errors and saves time.


You can also use the B2B sales automation tool to simplify your catalog management. With it, you can create online catalogs with different offerings and price markups for different regions and customers. You can automate the sales process further by using the integrated CRM, you can keep track of your communications with clients and send mass emails to your list.


Our tools were designed specifically for the flooring industry, so you won’t have to spend a lot of time setting them up and customizing them. You can literally set up your account and get going during your lunch hour.


With no upfront costs, it’s worth it to check out the Vogueboard platform and see how it can help your business. Contact us to set up your free live platform demo and create your free account today.