How Online Dealers Can Help Flooring Manufacturers to Increase Sales




In the flooring industry, with all the different levels of the supply chain, you have many partners. From manufacturers to distributors to retailers, there are a lot of hands involved in most sales. That’s why it makes sense that working with partners is a way to strengthen your business, and theirs.


After all, manufacturing is affected by many factors outside of your control. Companies are affected by the pricing of raw materials and where they can source them, and may also be impacted by changes in import tariffs. Companies can be especially vulnerable if there is a downturn in the economy. Their profit margins are usually slim to begin with, so any slowdown in flooring sales can affect their bottom line.


There might not be much you can do to change the manufacturing process itself. However, there are ways you can upgrade your business for the current market, with the help of your online dealer partners. Ask yourself if any of these situations sound familiar:


1. Do you have an easy-to-navigate web presence, with an easy-to-use website and online marketplace? If you don’t, you probably have an inefficient sales process, are spending too much time on paperwork, and may be making costly errors on purchase orders.


2. If you don’t have a robust web presence, it makes it harder for your partners—like online distributors—to work with you. Businesses that want to strengthen their current partnerships, and maybe add new distribution channels, need an easy-to-access web interface for their customers. When asked, most companies say that they will choose a company that’s easier to contact, check on stock and price, etc. through an online interface, before they’ll partner with one that doesn’t have a web presence.


3. You may also struggle with having limited control over dealers and distributors’ reselling policy. Dealers can mark up prices, possibly hurting sales, and you have no leverage. You need a way to stay in control where you can.



What can online distributors do to help out the manufacturers they work with? Here are a few simple ways distributors can help their manufacturing partners improve their online presence and become more competitive in the industry.

1. Partnering with online flooring dealers will automatically get you more visibility on the internet. And when you partner with Vogueboard as your online dealer, you can retain a high level of coordination and control, including retail pricing of your product, without disrupting your current distribution channels. It’s simple to send your product catalogs with changes in price, you just put them in your FTP folder and the Vogueboard platform will pick it up automatically and adjust the retail prices. It’s easy to quickly liquidate your inventory with promo action by pushing it through the Vogueboard platform, where Vogueboard acts as your online dealer.


2. Create your free Webstore in minutes and instantly get more visibility online in front of potential buyers, trading partners, architects and designers. The Vogueboard platform is designed for the flooring industry and ready to go. It will save you time and money over contracting to have a custom website made, or using a generic provider like WordPress. You’ll have complete control over product and prices, and can easily make changes with the convenient dashboard.


3. With the Vogueboard B2B sales automation tools, it’s easier for distributors and retailers to create their own private label offerings. All they need to do is convert manufacturers’ catalogs to their own catalogs, then instruct manufacturers to ship products directly to the customer with a new label on it. Online dealers won’t need additional warehouse space, which results in cost savings that can be passed on to the customers. This eliminates the middle men, letting online dealers work with manufacturers without competing with them, while offering a product under a new label. Private labeling helps boost manufacturers’ sales without disrupting the existing trade channels, and without creating price competition with other dealers. Online flooring dealers save money on products, marketing, and storage. It makes the supply chain more efficient, and is beneficial to the dealers, manufacturers, and the customers.


4. With our online marketplace, territory management becomes much simpler. It’s easy to send out catalogs and control pricing by offering different pricing in different geographical locations or zip codes, offering different categories of products, and targeting different buyers. Our B2B sales automation software allows manufacturers to use their own interface to push pricing through the system. The system always contains up-to-date information, and manufacturers can control final price changes, without having to learn and use third party software. B2B sales automation makes it easier for online dealers to convert vendor catalogs to their own catalog with automatic price markup, decreasing product time to market.


With all these advantages, it’s time for manufacturers to partner with online dealers such as the Vogueboard platform. They can simply sign up to create a free account or schedule a free demo.