Organize your category tree, manage products and price groups

Manage your product category tree, add new products and set price for each territory. Easily assign your customers to different pricing groups with different price levels.

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Price Catalogues

Compose and send Price Catalogues to your Customers

Send your customers catalogues with different pricing based on assigned price group.

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Send a quote request to Suppliers before placing orders electronically

Reduce errors, waste of time, expenses and effort by using our electronic quoting process.

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Manage your orders

View, create, update, receive, place orders and track their history.

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Shipping & Delivery

Track the order shipment and delivery in real time

Display your products on the Marketplace as in a virtual showroom where potential buyers or architects can see your products and buy or order samples through the platform..

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Create and send electronic invoices to Customers

Quickly create and send electronic Invoices to Customers reducing errors, time and effort.

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