Vogueboard’s Invoice module simplifies the billing process, automatically populating key information such as discount pricing, payment terms, and shipping details. Our integrated system verifies Invoice amount billed against Purchase Order for accuracy on every order, allowing Buyers to instantly cancel the PO if there are any unacceptable pricing or term discrepancies.


Major Features

Manage Customer and Vendor Invoices Linked By PO

Track Invoice Status for Prompt Attention to Past Due Invoices

Archive Invoices for Future Reference

Other Features Highlight

Link PO and BoL to an Invoice

Set Invoice Discount and Payment Terms

Create Partial Invoices for Partial Shipments


Advantages of Invoice Automation


Every company owner strives to find a way to increase efficiency and accuracy in their daily business, especially when it comes to jobs that use up a large portion of their employee’s time. Whether you’re an online retailer or run a brick and mortar store, invoicing your customers is an important factor. If you’re growing your business and searching for ways to decrease your operational spending while increasing accuracy, then automating your accounts payable could be your answer.


Seamless Invoice Automation


Our eCommerce platform links with your purchase orders to create a seamless automated invoicing system. When your invoices are set up and sent using our technology, there’s less room for human error. No matter how good or experienced your accounting staff is, there are bound to be errors. Our system cross-references purchase orders with the billing invoice to ensure that there are no red flags.


Cut Down on Paper Usage and Postage Expenses


Paper invoicing costs money for printing and postage. The time that your employees spend processing bills by hand could be better spent on other work projects. As we progress into the 21st century, companies should use technology for tasks that don’t require human intervention and save time and resources. Invoices can be sent electronically to your customers, allowing them to pay you in a more timely manner.


Improve Your Customer Service


You’ll have faster access to your customer’s invoices, so their questions can be answered with ease. Your accounting department will be happy to know that they no longer have to search for invoices to resolve accounting issues. The ability to access invoices, payments and purchase orders online makes it easy to troubleshoot problems. There’s also no need to keep hard copies of invoices any longer, saving your company money on storage space.

Your customers will appreciate receiving fully automated bills every month that are error-free and easy to understand. Automated invoicing also gives you more control when it comes to looking at the big picture and tracking payment data. Let us help you save time and money by showing you how technology will keep more of the profits in your pocket! Give Vogueboard a try for free.