Please check out the three banners on right side to understand how the three above elements work in Webstore menu

Distributors benefit from the wider supplier and customer base, networking with manufacturers, architects and other industry players, enjoy electronic order processing and real-time data availability, better customer experience, and lower selling costs.


Three demo screenshots on the right side illustrate how Distributors can manage their Webstore menu and CRM module

What makes Vogueboard platform unique (in addition to the features for Manufacturers):

  • Centralized customer service management through a web-based interface
  • Sales teams are equipped with a platform that supports their efforts by providing access to the company sales resources and data while they’re on the road
  • Improved efficiency in the management of current accounts and reach the tail end of the market by leveraging the platform technology. With all these features and others, Distributors can open more accounts with prospective customers while the cost of opening and servicing those accounts is tremendously reduced.
  • Additional sales through Vogueboard Marketplace. Any product a vendor uploads to the platform is displayed on Marketplace (subject to distribution territories) and sold through the platform even to those who do not yet have an established account with the vendor: an online showroom for the architects and professional buyers.

Major Features.

Easily connect to both Vendors and Customers in one place.

Access to a variety of product catalogues from multiple Vendors.

Separate management dashboards for Vendors and Customers’ business documents.

Features highlights

Increased customer loyalty due to the secured and convenience to purchase products.

Low administration costs.

B2B e-Commerce.