Equip and support your sales team with centralized, real-time sales data, even when they’re on the road. Open more accounts with prospective customers while significantly reducing costs of opening and servicing accounts.


Major Features

Streamlined connection to both Vendors and Customers

Access multiple Vendor catalogs and create customized catalogs for your brand

Comprehensive management dashboard for Sales and CRM KPIs

Other Features Highlight

Convenient product catalog management and job-specific pricing

Electronic order processing, invoicing, and shipping notifications

Reduce errors and drive sales using Vogueboard’s integrated CRM, Sales Automation features, and specialized Marketplace

Benefits of a CRM for Distributors


Are you looking for a way to streamline your distribution business and make it more productive? We are experts in customer relationship management software, and we can assist you with those goals by showing you how our sales management, eCommerce, and CRM software can benefit you. Our aim is to provide you with more efficient ways to coordinate transactions and manage sales data.


Our integrated eCommerce and CRM platform for flooring manufacturers and distributors will increase your ability to quickly access client information, without having to search for it. The sales team will appreciate this too. Edit and update contacts quickly, so there’s no longer outdated information in the system.


If you’re interested in connecting with new manufacturers, retailers or architects and designers our networking module can help you with this. Browse through the profiles of our platform tenants, easily connect with interested parties and expand your business network to grow sales. Our platform helps you automate your sales processes in accordance with fcB2B standards, and supports private labeling and drop shipping business models.


Our CRM software will transform your business practices by offering your company more opportunities, with fewer mistakes due to outdated or incorrect information. The platform has the ability to track data including customer service contacts, sales, and order processing. Use the data to generate leads, reflect more sales opportunities, and to make changes to the business process.


The software also is an excellent tool to be used for coaching your sales force. The data provided can be used as a visual reference to help motivate and train employees, as well as to underscore the company’s expectations for your employees. Distributors rely on their sales team to continue to pull in new business, and this is a key tool to help them reach their goals.


In order to be competitive in the supply chain industry, you need to have quick access to information like inventory, sales territories, vendors, and customers. Our CRM platform makes managing distribution seamless, so you can focus on increasing profits, motivating your staff, and forging new business relationships.