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Our platform provides manufacturers direct access to architects and retail business customers providing higher margin and better service, having full control over building long-term relationships with customers and all sales channel players.


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What makes Vogueboard platform unique:

  • Specialized B2B eCommerce platform for Building Materials Industry
  • Paperless accounts applications, approvals, and pricelists
  • Projects registration and automated quotations (based on price groups, price protections, or one price for all)

Major Features.

Enhanced exposure ‚Äčto a large customer base.

Saving resources:

Unified data management:

Ability to create multiple price groups and price lists distributed electronically to customers.

Features highlights

B2B e-Commerce: Convenience and efficiency.

Project registration feature and ‚Äčautomated quotations based on defined pricing scheme.

Centralized customer service management through web-based interface.