Vogueboard’s Sales Management Platform gives Manufacturers direct access to retail business customers and architects to increase profit margins and drive service excellence. Leverage the power of our CRM system to build long-term partnerships with Buyers and Distributors.


Major Features

Automate Sales and IT functions to minimize operational costs

Go direct to Buyers to increase brand reach and customer base

Centralize data storage with ERP integration

Other Features Highlight

Create your Webstore and display your products in minutes

Generate customized, automated quotations based on assigned pricing tier, one price for all or other pricing arrangements

Leverage Vogueboard’s robust CRM at a fraction of the cost of other comparable software services

Why Manufacturing Companies Should Consider Using A CRM System

The building materials manufacturing industry has evolved over the last few years. Many manufacturing companies recognize the importance of satisfying their customers, but B2B sales management and CRM for manufacturing takes that a step further with innovative techniques to help predict future demand for their products. 


Manufacturing has specific requirements and procedures that are best served by CRM software that is built for the task. Most CRM suites handle a wide range of business-to-business functions, which makes them fantastic for general usage. If there aren’t too many custom requirements or needs, those solutions are sufficient.


However, manufacturing requires more than just the traditional models for sales and marketing, customer services, and the sales pipeline. Tight integration with production and management is also essential. Otherwise, it’s tough for the entire team to act as one cohesive unit.

The role of Customer Relationship Management has become more important than ever. There are several reasons why every manufacturing company should consider using a CRM system. Just to name a few:


Better Products


To be successful, manufacturing companies have to consistently produce top quality products. Producing mediocre products will hurt the reputation of the company. The likely result is a reduction in sales and revenue. By relying on CRM, manufacturing companies can analyze data from different sources and locate errors in real time. They can quickly eliminate defective products and ensure that they only produce high quality products.


Easier Forecasting


A CRM system benefits manufacturing companies by cutting the amount of time that it takes to develop a product from its initial stages. A CRM system provides companies with easier forecasting, as well as more updated and accurate information regarding their products. This gives manufacturing companies the ability to speed up the time it takes to bring a product to market, creating an advantage over the competition.


Improved Supply Chain


Research has shown that failing to optimize business operations can have a negative impact on a manufacturing company’s ROI. Relying on a B2B sales management CRM gives manufacturers access to data involving inventory management, warehousing, and order processing. Having an effective supply chain allows manufacturing companies to manage the production schedules and create more products in a timely manner.


Better Collaboration Capabilities


Do your account managers still keep up with their leads in one place, such as their email account? Time to learn the value of collaboration. CRM allows manufacturing companies to have online discussions involving employees and others, and many companies are using this improved communication as a way to discuss new concepts and opportunities.


CRM empowers all team members at every level of an organization to take control of the customer experience. That cohesion allows companies to earn higher profits while improving customer retention. The increased organizational capacity provides people with the requisite overview of the manufacturing process to ensure smooth dealings with the public. Without such tools in place, it’s very challenging to deliver world-class service and support after the sales are made.



The Ability To Generate More Leads


Our CRM system can help manufacturing companies develop new followers by expanding the company’s outreach. Companies can use the data to create reports based on the traits of their customers. B2B sales management and CRM systems also have the potential to help manufacturing companies operate more efficiently, lower their costs and increase their profits over time.


Adopting CRM for the manufacturing industry is a great way to improve customer satisfaction, shorten sales cycles and achieve a higher level of sales automation. Contact us today to find out more about our CRM solutions for your manufacturing company.