Owners and Contractors have access to a wider supplier base to compare and procure products at the best value. Architects and Designers can create their own up-to-date digital product libraries based on manufacturers’ latest product data.

Major Features

Order products and samples directly from Suppliers​

Establish and expand professional partnerships with key industry players

Simultaneously compare multiple product catalogs to source best purchase value

Other Features Highlight

Eliminate account restrictions to purchase previously “out-of-reach” building materials

Price check individual products and buy direct from Vendors to lower final purchasing cost

Source, organize, and manage product selection using Vogueboard’s Submittals feature

How can contractors benefit from working within an integrated Marketplace and CRM?


We know you have a lot of options when it comes time to procure building materials. It can be difficult to find the best prices for high-quality products, especially when searching online. And since you have to manage projects, manage customers and keep costs down for everyone’s benefit, that adds up to a lot on your plate! Let Vogueboard help you save time and money with our building materials marketplace and customer relationship management (CRM) software solutions.


In our building materials online marketplace, you get access to building materials data from multiple vendors, make product comparisons and place your order in one click. If you have an account with vendors, you can procure directly through B2B portal and receive an additional discount and favorable payment terms in accordance with your account settings. No need to visit each vendor’s website to find a product, just browse and filter products in one place through our marketplace by a variety of criteria, including product type, manufacturer or vendor name, color, size, and more. 


Our platform will give your company better access to items with real-time updates. You will be able to lower your project costs by having the ability to compare building materials side-by-side. We can help you access higher quality and hard to find commercial-grade items too. We’ve built business relationships with suppliers so that you don’t have to.


Streamline your internal buying processes and add value to your bottom line. We make it easy to train your staff on the best buying practices, allowing you more time to oversee bigger projects. Our data-driven CRM software is a support tool no contractor should be without.