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Owners and Contractors have access to wider supplier base, comparing products and procuring at best value. Vogueboard is a one-stop platform for all your materials selection.


Three demo screenshots on the right side illustrate how Architects and Designers can manage the digital library and order free samples of products.

Major Features

Buy direct from Suppliers​.

Expand relationship​s​ with industry​ players.

Access to multiple product catalogues ​​to find the best value for your projects and electronic purchases.

Features highlights

For Architects and Designers

  • Ditch outdated libraries filled with paper catalogues; Vogueboard is your new online always up-to-date products library
  • Request products samples to finalize your design
  • Organize and manage your products selection with the Submittals feature

For Owners and Contractors

  • Gain access to products previously out of reach because of accounts restrictions
  • Buy directly from Suppliers and lower your purchasing cost
  • Check products prices to ensure to stay within budget