Build direct relationships and establish sales distribution channels using Vogueboard’s convenient Sales and Procurement Management platform. Connect instantly and directly with Vendors to expedite goods received and delivered.

Major Features

​Source new Suppliers using Vogueboard’s electronic Account Application

Compare products from multiple vendors for best pricing that maximizes bottom line profits

Manage access rights and procurement authorization roles for your team

Other Features Highlight

Receive quotations and place orders electronically

Automate procurement processes in compliance with fcB2B standards

Manage centralized vendor and customer data using our robust CRM module


How B2B Procurement Management and CRM Benefits Retailers And Dealers


With the growth of big data and optimized mobile shopping and marketing in today’s world, having a platform from which to gather and use that data has become a must for businesses to compete. Retailers and wholesalers are no exception, whether large or small, and they are in fact some of the businesses who have the most to gain by investing in B2B Procurement Management and CRM software. 


It wasn’t long ago that a CRM software package would have been considered more of a luxury than a necessity, but with more competitive pricing options for B2B procurement and CRM software as well as more comprehensive or basic services to choose from, retailers should take advantage of CRM. 


There are several benefits to B2B Procurement and CRM software that will help retailers grow their business:


Procuring the Right Products at the Right Price


Because CRM is all about gathering important consumer data and learning about customer needs, having a CRM platform integrated within your business website can greatly enhance the customer’s shopping experience. B2B Procurement module allows retailers and dealers to receive product catalogs, place purchase orders, received advance shipping notices and invoices electronically, which is faster, cheaper and error-free.


You may know based on past purchases they’ve made with you which products customers gravitate towards more, or possibly other products they might find interesting. The CRM platform can help you find the types of products your customers are most interested in, and you can compare similar products from multiple vendors to ensure that you’re getting the best price for your bottom line. As you learn which products your customers are buying, you’ll be able to make better procurement decisions.


Enabling Follow-up Email Marketing Or Mobile Texting


There are many reasons why retailers need to maintain strong customer relations through email marketing and mobile texting. Customers like to feel closely connected to their favorite retailers and stay on top of things such as clearance sales and product discounts, alerts about new rewards programs, and special events that are coming up. Having a reliable CRM platform enables retailers to do the following with email marketing and follow-up:


  • Have automated thank you emails sent out mentioning the products customers purchased and thanking them for their business
  • Send emails with links to surveys for customers to fill out about their shopping experience and find out from them what they’d like to see improved
  • Let customers know when a product they’ve inquired about is in stock, or when special pricing is available


Staying In Touch with Customers and Prospects


When you’re connected to your customers in a non-sales capacity, you can get a better feel for their attitude towards your business and you can even address any questions or concerns they might have immediately. Our CRM for retailers has support for email marketing built into it so you can quickly send out important updates or give your customers an easy way to reach out to you.


Managing Customer Service or Supplier Related Actions


As a retailer or dealer, you may have multiple problems that come up that you need to follow up on. A good CRM platform will allow you to keep your customer service tickets organized, provide details on who’s working each case, and help you keep track of many different tasks and issues at once. 

You may also need to prioritize issues affecting your supply chain or other B2B clients, and having organized data in a robust customer service module with a CRM is very important for this.