Accelerate the sales process using Vogueboard’s digital Sales Management Platform for Building Materials. Attract new buyers on our Marketplace, optimize transaction costs, and drive customer service excellence with every purchase.


Major Features

Robust CRM at a fraction of the cost of comparable software services

Use automated product catalog management and procurement to reduce errors and maximize efficiency

Comprehensive KPI dashboard to analyze your sales and customer base

Other Features Highlight

Boost Sales and increase commissions using Vogueboard’s Marketplace – without having to manage a Customer account

Gain nationwide, direct access to Suppliers and Customers to optimize transaction value

Tap into real-time data using Vogueboard’s cloud-based platform for seamless, in-field mobile intelligence

How Our CRM Solutions Can Improve Your Sales Pipeline


When you’re in sales, having a way to manage all aspects of customer relationships is a must. B2B companies can benefit tremendously from CRM solutions like ours that are technology-based and offer a variety of solutions to help improve sales. Vogueboard’s easy to use CRM tools make client management and tracking easy, allowing you and your sales team more time to focus on closing deals.


Less Time Wasted


Our tools can be used to analyze your customer data, which helps your sales reps target clients who are ready to buy your products. Say goodbye to having to waste time on either dead ends or duplicate leads thanks to our CRM products. 

We can show you how to use customer segmentation to find new leads too, by targeting markets by their organization size, location or industry. Your sales reps can set reminders for follow-up contacts and never miss a chance to close a deal.


Better Tools for Collaboration


The ability to share data throughout your sales team is important. Our technology allows pertinent sales information to be viewed by anyone on your team, so nobody is left out of the loop. Your salespeople can communicate, share lead information and gain access to key sales data from anywhere. Your clients will be impressed with the efficient and customer-focused service they receive.


All the Info You Need — in One Place, in Real Time


CRM is a great way to give your sales force more time to do what they were hired for, which is to sell your company’s products. Use our CRM services to update catalog prices, track procurements, and manage sales quickly and without the headache of dealing with spreadsheets or paperwork. 

We offer you access to customer data that is easy to analyze and will help you customize your sales goals, shorten your sales cycle, and increase your profits. Contact us today to give Vogueboard a try for free!