What is Private Labeling Automation?



As flooring companies search for ways to improve their margins, one way that distributors and retailers can do to stay competitive and increase profits is to offer private label products to their customers.

Private labeling refers to when a company sources a product from the manufacturer and buys it to resell. But rather than selling the product with the original brand name, the company creates a new brand and changes the name of the product. Then it usually gets a new label, and is offered to customers as a different product. It’s still essentially the same product as the original, but it’s promoted as a different brand.

If it’s the same product, why would a distributor or retailer go to the trouble of creating and selling a private label product to their customers? There are a number of reasons why offering private label products makes sense to flooring companies.


The Benefits of Private Label Products

Nearly every business in the supply chain can benefit from selling private label products.

Distributors and retailers can create and sell their own non-competing brands, while continuing to offer manufacturer’s brands. This lets them have more offering to attract customers, and not compete on price with other distributors or retailers. Manufacturers can also offer private label brands so they can sell their product direct to consumers, without undermining their distributors and retailers.

Another benefit of creating and selling private label products is to be able to offer them to your customers without disrupting the existing supply chain. As a distributor, you’ve worked hard to establish a relationship with manufacturers. You don’t want to start competing with them or the other distributors who carry their products. By having your own brand, you can control pricing and offer it to your customers as an alternative.

It’s also much faster to launch a private label product. You don’t have to design a new flooring product, find someone to build it, and launch it. With private label, that’s all been done. You just need a new brand for it. And you can get your new product to market in a short amount of time, instead of the months or years it takes to develop a new product.

With the right software and online marketplace, private labeling can be automated from the initial order with the manufacturer, to relabeling and shipping to the customer.


How Can You Automate Private Labeling?

There are several software options available to automate private labeling. However, most are not specific to the flooring industry. If you decide to use one of the generic software packages, you’ll either have to work with what you get in the software package and try to make it fit your needs, or you’ll have to spend a lot of time and money customizing it to your business. You also need to thoroughly investigate what features are offered with the software. Be sure to check for these features in the software, to make sure it can perform the tasks you need, instead of creating more work for you.


  •                               1. Does the software include an integrated online marketplace where you can order products directly from manufacturers?
  •                               2. Are you able to rebrand and change the price of products without having to re-enter into the system?
  •                               3. Does it come with its own integrated CRM, allowing you to track prospects and customers? Can you keep track of all communications and their order history? Are you able to share this data with team members?
  •                               4. Can you create your own catalog online, allowing you to add and remove products easily and apply a mark up?
  •                               5. Can you easily change prices in your catalog when you’re having a sale?
  •                               6. What is the pricing structure for this software? Are there upfront fees


These are some of the more important features you should to look for when choosing an automated private label software source.

One place you’ll find all these features is in the Vogueboard online B2B sales automation for the flooring industry. Most of the work is done for you. Once you have your account, you can browse products from different manufacturers online at your convenience. Choose the products you want and buy them. Then you can update the listing in your own marketplace, changing the name adding your logo, and updating prices.

You can then easily create your own online catalog to send to customers, using the product data already online. Or, your customers can create their own accounts to log in directly to your online marketplace and buy. This works for commercial transactions, B2B sales, and also for direct sales to consumers such as home owners who are looking for a good deal on commercial grade flooring.

It’s also important to know what your upfront costs will be with any software package you consider. Are you going to be paying for features you don’t even use? The Vogueboard platform has zero upfront costs to get started with the system.

The best alternative for automating private labeling in the flooring industry is Vogueboard. Ready to see how it works? Click here to set up a live demo. Or go to our website to create your account and get started today.